Things to Know

Accidents are highly stressful and at times traumatic It is important to keep as calm as you possibly can. Here are some tips to follow in the event of a collision:

  • Turn your ignition off and secure in gear or park with the handbrake on.  
    Turn on your hazard lights. 
  • Check to see if anyone is injured and assist if necessary.
  • Call 000 (Ambulance and/or Police) if:
    • A person is injured
    • Property damage appears to exceed $3000 in parts
    • The other driver doesn't stop or refuses to give details
    • The other driver seems to be alcohol or drug affected
    • If during the accident property other than the vehicle's involved is damaged e.g. a fence or lamp post
  • Keep calm, exchange relevant details with the other driver if possible.
  • For example, your insurance claim you will require the following details from the other driver:
    • Vehicle owner/driver's name
    • Owner/drivers Address
    • Phone Number
    • Vehicle (Make, Model, Year and Colour)
    • Registration No
    • License No
    • Insurance Company
    • Police Officer Present, Police Station
    • Location of accident (street names)
    • Date and time of incident
  • Do not admit liability or engage in accusations with the other party.
  • If your car can be DRIVEN SAFELY call SmashCare to arrange for a repair quotation phone (07) 3350 3853. 

If your car is UNDRIVEABLE call our affiliated 24 hour towing service:

QLD   Ready Towing (07) 3265 0000

VIC    Whitehorse Towing (03) 9874 3563

Smash Assist App

SmashCare has developed and launched a mobile phone app called Smash Assist Accident Help.

Download it free for both iPhone and Android Smart phones.