Repair Procedure

How SmashCare Ensures a Successful Vehicle Repair:

  • We will engage an insurance company assessor expediently allowing us to commence work as soon as possible.
  • If an insurance assessor wishes to inspect your car at each repair stage before authorising the next phase to be carried out, SmashCare will minimise down time by coordinating necessary inspections in advance.
  • If SmashCare discovers damage that was not originally suspected due  to the nature of the accident, we will call you immediately to inform you of  the unsuspected damage and advise what further work is required and the expected time frames needed to rectify it.
  • Not all parts are readily accessible (including those for popular cars), however SmashCare has a large network of suppliers and will endeavour to obtain the required parts as quickly as possible.
  • Throughout the repair process we will keep you informed about the status of required parts and expected delivery time.
  • Our goal is to alleviate stress during this difficult time by keeping you actively informed throughout the repair process.

Partner Status

You'll know you are in good hands. SmashCare is not only one of Australia's largest panel shop groups, but is a recommended repairer for all of the leading insurance companies.


The Steps We Follow Are:

Step 1: Your car is driven or towed to a SmashCare branch. Sometimes, our staff may call you before you arrive to be sure you know where to go and what time to arrive *depending on your insurance policy.

Step 2: Our staff will greet you and arrange for a comprehensive assessment of the damage to your car. Where there is a specific repair method for your car, certified by the original manufacturer, we will quote to repair the car using these methods. This way, the structural, mechanical and cosmetic integrity of your car is assured.

If you would like us to fix damage not related to the accident, then please ask our staff to arrange for an estimate of your private work.

Step 3: Once our quote has been approved we order the parts necessary and arrange for your car to go into our repair process. Please note, sometimes parts need to come from overseas, which can take some time, and the repairs to your car can't commence until all (or most) of the parts have arrived.

Step 4: Once your car has entered our repair process it will be stripped, repaired, prepared for paint before being painted, reassembled, washed and vacuumed. Our quality assurance technicians will progressively inspect the work to ensure that the repair method has been properly observed, and that the paint work is properly completed.  At the completion of the workshop processes, your car will undergo a final quality inspection to ensure that the car is ready for you to drive away when you collect the car.

Sometimes we experience complications in the repair process which delay our planned completion date, especially where the damage is such that the car is not drivable. If this occurs, we will contact you to explain what has occurred, what we're doing to get the repair back on track and when you can expect to collect your car.

Step 5: Once your car is completed we will call you to arrange collection at a tie convenient to you.

Communications throughout the process.
If your car has cosmetic damage only we aim to have it back to you within a few days (often less). As such, we will only call you if you request us to or we have to deal with an unforeseen complications.
If your car has damage that prevents it from being driven, then we may have your car at our branch for a few weeks, generally waiting for parts to arrive. In this case, we will update you by phone, email or text (as you please) about every three days.