About Us

SmashCare is a long standing, reputable, multi-point smash repair business with a reputation for innovation and customer service. Our goal to be recognised as the most outstanding smash repair organisation in Australia is being achieved by employing only the finest trade and service people, providing the highest level of customer service delivery and the utilisation of the latest technology available to the industry.

Vaughn Pappin is the Managing Director and has been influencing and shaping the industry in Brisbane and Queensland for over 25 years, and now stands among the most influential smash repairers in Australia due to his commitment to the industry, innovation and value creation in smash repair.

Our network of branches has recently expanded to 10 throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and we are eager to grow the network to the benefit our loyal customers, staff and suppliers.

Partnering for Growth

SmashCare has intentions for national growth so that the organisation can provide: a credible alternative for consistent smash repair services throughout Australia, genuine career stability, personal and professional development and continuous innovation in an industry that has become lethargic due to general underinvestment.

SmashCare's intended growth can only be delivered through industry and market partnering.

Our industry partnering initiatives are well progressed with the merger of Chisley Holdings in 2013. The merger represents the first of a range of smaller, high quality repairers throughout Australia seeking to adopt our brand and we are eager to share our journey with like minded repairers.

Our market partnering initiatives has cemented our role as a national leader in the smash repair supply chain, which is reflected in the relationship we share across Australia and our recent venture with Axalta Coating Systems.

Company History

In one form or another SmashCare has operated since June 1982. The company has traded as Nundah Smash Repairs, Wavell Smash Repairs and Chermside Body Works and officially became SmashCare in July 1994.

Led by SmashCare's Managing Director, Vaughn Pappin, the company has been involved with many community events and programmes as well as having many employee's recognised for their business acumen and achievements in the smash repair industry.

Vaughn Pappin is aware that the success of this industry is achieved through the next generation. For over 15 years, SmashCare has been a leading provider of apprenticeships, particularly in Queensland and has seen many people complete qualifications in Vehicle Panel Beating and Vehicle Spray Painting. SmashCare has been recognised by the Queensland Government for these achievements and has received numerous grants to achieve its goals of training and providing a hands on learning environment for young tradespeople.

Over the years, Vaughn Pappin's goal of SmashCare becoming a national repairer has been realised with the merger of 10 branches across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and the employment of almost 200 personal.

Smash Repair Crusaders

Our driving ambition is to improve the smash repair industry and create a better business and lifestyle for everyone who is a part of SmashCare.

The smash repair industry is in a state of significant change, which presents an opportunity for a new national presence in the industry. SmashCare's business reputation and expertise is poised to take that place.

Our strategy, our brand positioning, our quality and our care for client service are all focused on us achieving our goals and securing our market leadership.